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I see so many players trying to bring their game to the next stratosphere of performance in a short time period. Let's face it- you have to take it one step at a time. The only way to get results is through working intelligently, and improvement is a patient process of deliberate efforts unique to your game. That's where I come in. If you want to start spending your practice time as efficiently as possible, I'm your guy. So what are you waiting for? 

Let's get to work.



"Trying to be perfect in an imperfect game like golf will lead you down a road of frustration and rob you of any chance at being great." -Vince Prather

Some players chase perfection in their game to a point where it actually hurts their performance. Whether the goal is to win a large event or to break 90, it is important to remember that a shot good enough gets the job done.  


"The putting lesson I received from Vince to change my  putting grip enabled me to stabilize the club face. Without having to worry about manipulating my putter face, I was able to focus on just rocking my shoulders and reading the putt correctly. Giving me a confidence with my putter that I hadn't had in a while, I went on to win the 2013 Lexington KY City Men's Championship shooting -17 under par." ---Blanton Farmer

"Vince was able to help me with my golf swing while working through my physical limitations. He also changed my putting grip which improved my stroke leading to several tournament wins. I would recommend Vince to anyone wanting to improve his/her game." 

---Cynthia Powell 

"I have taken several lessons but believe me this makes it fun and easy he has taught me so many things and I thank him for that Vince you are the best can't wait to take more lessons." ---Sherry Russell

"I have been taking lessons from Vince over the past two years and he has helped me to develop a better understanding of my swing and my swing faults. He is a great teacher and listens to the goals you want to achieve for your game. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a good golf instructor." ---John Pezdek 

"The great thing about Vince is that he actually knows what he is talking about. He understands the golf swing better than anyone I know and truly cares about the results you have out on the course after his instruction. His message is simple, intelligent, and genuine. By taking just a few lessons from Vince my handicap went from a 18 to a 12 this summer." ---Broderick Blanton 



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